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With the support of people like you we have helped more than...... show more

With the support of people like you, we helped more than 3000 children get back to school last financial year

Supplied shoes, stationery and other school items

Supplied shoes, stationery and other school items with a wholesale value of more than $200,000

Paid for school uniforms

Paid for school uniforms totalling more than $110,000

Purchased laptops & iPads

Purchased laptops & iPads totalling almost $80,000

Feedback about the impact of our work

It is difficult to convey the difference you make to the lives of the women and children who come to our service. Being in refuge is a huge challenge in itself for the children; being away from friends and family is extremely upsetting for them. Starting at a new school is even more challenging, especially if they have to begin their journey in second-hand clothing and without the correct equipment.
Being able to provide them with brand new uniforms and bags and the supplies needed gives them so much confidence to begin their new journey. The relief on the mums’ faces and the huge smiles on their children’s faces say it all!

(from a DV shelter manager in Queensland)

A student at our school arrived day 1 with her school bag packed with books and other resources. This has allowed her to maximise her learning and start her educational journey with confidence and a smile. Zephyr Education made this possible.
(from the Deputy Principal of a primary school in Queensland)

I want to give my warmest regards to Zephyr Education for the funding of my computer. To have such an expensive learning tool funded really gives me hope. I received my computer in March and even just having it for the past week has been such a help, and I went from falling behind in my grades, to having all my assignments in on time and I instantly got on my laptop and rushed to have it all done. This laptop gives me major reassurance on where I’ll be headed. Thank you to everyone involved.
(from a support worker at a Queensland DV shelter)

I have just been introduced to this generous, much needed and appreciated organisation. I have worked with children who have experienced domestic violence for almost 20 years and it’s definitely an area of support that is overlooked and its impact underestimated. Equipping children to recommence school after leaving domestic violence is important on many levels so thank you to infinity!!!
(from a support worker at a DV shelter in Western Australia)


Your support will ensure these kids have
  • the correct uniform at their new school
  • textbooks and stationery specific to their school and school year
  • school bags, swimming gear and everything else they will need
  • school resource levies and, if required, laptops or iPads.
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