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Why choose Zephyr

Zephyr Education assists one of the most vulnerable groups in our community – children whose lives and schooling have been disrupted...... show more

Why choose Zephyr?

Zephyr Education assists one of the most vulnerable groups in our community – children whose lives and schooling have been disrupted by domestic violence. Our goal is to ensure that children who arrive at a shelter will be able to start at their new school, fully equipped, as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours).
We are all unpaid volunteers and so almost every dollar we receive is spent on uniforms and other school essentials to get the children back to school.

Why we help them

A drastic consequence of the upheaval in the lives of these children is that their education is often severely disrupted. Many leave their homes urgently and arrive at shelters without school books and other items.Also, because these children will be attending a new school, their current uniforms are no longer appropriate. This makes their transition to a new school far more difficult because without the proper clothing and equipment they stand out from the other children at a time when it is important for their self-confidence that they fit in. Also, without the relevant text and exercise books, they can quickly fall behind in their schooling.

Your donation will give a child whose life has been disrupted by domestic violence the best chance of successfully restarting their education at a new school. Here are some examples of what your donation will buy:

$50 - a pair of shoes and socks

$150 – school bag containing stationery, textbooks, lunchbox and water bottle

$250 – primary school uniform including shoes and sports uniform

$450 – high school uniform including shoes and sports uniform

Story of two little girls

We received a request from an indigenous shelter for uniforms and school packs for two little girls who had arrived one Saturday. The shelter manager said that the girls were terrified about starting at their new school the following week. However, after receiving their new uniforms and school packs on the Monday, they spent the afternoon parading around the shelter in their uniforms and, were so excited, they couldn’t wait to go to school. (extract from email from Queensland DV shelter manager)

A message from our President

Zephyr Education helps one of the most vulnerable groups in our community – children whose lives and education have been disrupted by domestic violence. Our mission is to help them get back to school as quickly as possible by supplying, or paying for:

  • school uniforms and shoes
  • textbooks and stationery specific to the year and school they will be attending
  • school bags and everything else they will need at their new school.

Many of these children arrive at domestic violence shelters with just the clothes they are wearing. It is vital for their self-esteem and continuing education that they fit in at their new school by having the same uniform, books and equipment as the other children. It is an unfortunate fact of school life that children who stand out because they don’t have the correct uniform have a higher risk of being bullied.

The shelters and other not-for-profits who take care of these children confirm that their educational needs were not being addressed until Zephyr commenced in 2013, originally under the name Zephyr Foundation.

Zephyr now operates throughout Queensland and Tasmania and in Perth in Western Australia.

We often receive feedback from staff at shelters confirming that the support we provide is not only vital but transformational. Here is just one example:

Yesterday we collected the school uniforms. The boys had a heap of fun unwrapping shirts and shorts, laughing and giggling together trying everything on.

Today I picked up the back packs, shoes and book packs. The reaction of the 7-year-old was so beautiful and quite emotional. He was in complete awe that people had put in so much work and effort. When he opened the shoes, he cried and said “I’m so happy, these shoes are new and they don’t even have holes in them”. I will admit it made me cry as well

Please know that you have made two little boys feel loved and cared for.

Your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of these children and, as Zephyr is run entirely by volunteers, almost every dollar we receive is spent on the children’s school needs. Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.

Serafina Bevan
Zephyr Education Inc


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