Stories of kids

You are helping kids to get back to school!

Your donation will give a child whose life has been disrupted by domestic violence the best chance of successfully restarting their education at a new school. Here are some examples of what your donation will buy:

$ 50 Pair of shoes and socks

$150 Schoolbag containing stationery, textbooks, lunch box and water bottle

$250 Primary school uniform including shoes and sports uniform

$450 High school uniform including shoes and sports uniform

Story of Two little girls

We received a request from an indigenous shelter for uniforms and school packs for two little girls who had arrived one Saturday. The shelter manager said that the girls were terrified about starting at their new school the following week. However, after receiving their new uniforms and school packs on the Monday, they spent the afternoon parading around the shelter in their uniforms and, were so excited, they couldn’t wait to go to school.

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